Eccelerators develops electronic design automation tools to improve the quality and productivity of development projects. Our tools provide developers and architects with a high degree of flexibility for future changes. To achieve this, we had developed a tool called HxS, which simplifies the work around the creation of hardware-software interfaces. Since 2015, it has been successfully used in several hundred projects.


We create tools that let developers focus on functionality rather than be distracted by boiler plate code.


Automation takes the burden of repetitive tasks from developers and speeds up development.


Flexibility empowers developers of making changes to the code without effort. This is what our tools provide.

Benefit from clean interface design

  • Design "future-proof" solutions with clean register interfaces
  • Save time shortening the design, implementation and test cycles
  • Be flexible as modifying register interfaces is effortless
  • Use a single interface description to cover various project domains
  • Increase quality providing consistent interfaces across teams
  • Our library approach improves register interface reusability

HxS is where Hardware meets Software

HxS is our solution for hardware/software interface design. Use a single description to describe an interface and provide everything necessary for embedded software developers and FPGA developers.

Passionate Team

We are a passionate team of embedded software and FPGA developers with quality and productivity in our DNA. We know developers and we're here to provide tools to enhance a developer's outcome.

Heinrich Diebel

Founder & Hardware Architect

Heinrich Diebel studied communications engineering and designed ASIC as well as FPGA devices since 1986. He worked with x86 and many other platforms in different industries and has a broad knowledge when it comes to controller firmware, driver or test development.

Peter Fischer

Founder & Director Commercial

Peter Fischer studied Business Informatics at the University of Applied Science in Munich before working in knowledge management and Intellectual Property Service Provider companies, where he built a sustainable business based on content, software products and bespoke software solutions.

Bernd Röckert

Founder & Software Architect

Bernd Röckert is an embedded software architect and FPGA designer. He studied electrical engineering and comes with a broad knowledge and professional embedded development experience.

Denis Vasilík

Founder & Director Technology

Denis Vasilík is an embedded software professional and FPGA designer. He studied Software Engineering and holds a MBA in general management.