Passionate Team

We are a passionate team of embedded software and FPGA developers with quality and productivity in our DNA. We know developers and we're here to provide tools to enhance a developer's outcome.

Heinrich Diebel

Founder & Hardware Architect

Heinrich Diebel studied communications engineering and designed ASIC as well as FPGA devices since 1986. He worked with x86 and many other platforms in different industries and has a broad knowledge when it comes to controller firmware, driver or test development.

Peter Fischer

Founder & Director Commercial

Peter Fischer studied Business Informatics at the University of Applied Science in Munich before working in knowledge management and Intellectual Property Service Provider companies, where he built a sustainable business based on content, software products and bespoke software solutions.

Bernd Röckert

Founder & Software Architect

Bernd Röckert is an embedded software architect and FPGA designer. He studied electrical engineering and comes with a broad knowledge and professional embedded development experience.

Denis Vasilík

Founder & Director Technology

Denis Vasilík is an embedded software professional and FPGA designer. He studied Software Engineering and holds a MBA in general management.